Science-based positioning
Prove it, find it, own it, ride it

Hi, I’m Luke Stevens. I help B2B & AI SaaS companies nail their story through science-based positioning & expert messaging. More about me, working with me, or my framework.

Too many companies are trying to create market gold with what amounts to medieval alchemy.

What they really need is modern science.

That's why I developed science-based positioning — a framework designed specifically for B2B SaaS & tech companies who want a scientific understanding of the "market" in "product/market fit" so that they can build a strong sales narrative and clear market message.

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I help B2B SaaS & AI companies get clarity in their positioning and messaging, especially when it comes to their sales narrative. If you're in it to win it, let's chat.

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I created a simple positioning framework anyone can use. It helps you get clarity on positioning fundamentals and whether you're trying to prove it, find it, own it, or ride it.

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I wrote the quick-read Blueprint (read for free here) as well as the epic practitioner guide to narrative and science-based positioning: Positioning Science — Playbook.

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Join me on Substack where I write about the science of positioning and the art of messaging for B2B SaaS and AI companies.

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  • You’re a founder, CEO, CMO, or practitioner and want more leverage in your narrative, positioning, & GTM strategy.
  • You’re interested in examples of who is doing it well — both now & in the past.
  • You’re interested in the science-based concepts that underpin positioning.
  • You want to understand the art of narrative, messaging, and what makes value propositions stick.

The science-based positioning framework

Want to get up to speed fast? I’ve got you. Here's the 1-2-3-4 framework in a nutshell:

  1. One big idea: 50 years after the concept of creating a 'position' in the buyer's mind was introduced, we now have a much more scientific understanding of buyers’ minds. Therefore, science-based positioning is our big new idea.
  2. Two modes of attention: The key scientific breakthrough in understanding the mind is the discovery that we have two distinct modes of attention. This new right-brain/left-brain 'hierarchy of attention' helps us unlock B2B narrative & positioning.
  3. Three areas of science: We not only understand buyer minds and attention, we now better understand market science (diffusion and brand) as well as go-to-market (or "N=1") experiments, too.
  4. Four strategies: This combination of attention and market science gives us four core positioning choices: prove it, find it, own it, and ride it.

How do you implement this? That's the bonus 5th point — you create a sales narrative and a clarity strategy built on these principles.

For more, binge the Positioning Science Blueprint articles below.

Read free: Positioning Science — Blueprint

Positioning Science — Blueprint is a quick introduction to the core ideas of science-based positioning. Read it for free below — dive in here.

The big idea: Science-based positioning

A new positioning approach for B2B tech companies — new fundamentals, new choices, & new outcomes. Get started with the simple 1-2-3-4 framework.

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The two modes of attention

The foundation of science-based positioning is ’the hierarchy of attention’ which explains the two major approaches to B2B positioning in tech.

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Three areas of positioning science

Use attention science to win deals, market science to win segments, & N=1 thinking to win as a company.

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The four positioning strategies

Prove it & ride a wave, find it & focus on a niche, own it & build a brand, & ride it when you’ve found a winning position.

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How to: Create a sales narrative

How to turn your positioning into a micro-pitch & sales narrative, with an example deck outline.

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How to: Create a clarity strategy

How to turn your narrative into a clarity strategy that builds a position in the mind of the buyer.

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Dive deeper: Positioning Science — Playbook is the ultimate guide to SBP

Positioning Science — Playbook is a deep dive into the modern neuroscience of attention in your narrative, positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategy, particularly for sales-led B2B SaaS.

This is where it all began. It's my epic, 50-chapter exploration of everything from creating a sales narrative step-by-step to detailed positioning strategies across the B2B spectrum from SMB to enterprise, as well as GTM fundamentals, category creation, brand positioning, Jobs to be Done, and more, all so you get clarity in story and strategy.

If you're a product marketer and want to be top 1% at positioning and narrative, this is the book for you.

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